A Visual Dictionary of Architecture (9780470648858): Francis D. K. Ching

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Publication Date: September 6, 2011 | ISBN-10: 0470648856 ISBN-13 :978-0470648858 Edition: 2
Revised and expanded the classic, best-selling reference architecture!
Architectural theme, volume Francis DK Ching’s signature presentation is an important reference. This is a dictionary to provide detailed, concise and accurate definition of the hand drawings shown. From arch wood, every concept, technology, materials and details are very important architects and designers in the Green’s unique style.

The combination of text and graphics, each semester given a minimum double page spread format trim size, so you can fully explore the word, the relationship between the concept of graphical and sub-clause
A comprehensive index, readers can find any important word in the text.
This long-awaited release brings the latest concepts and technology of the 21st century, architecture, design and construction of this classic reference work
This is definitely the next to any serious architects or designers, architecture students, interior designers, as well as in the construction and use of.
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