Advanced Engineering Economics: Chan S. Park, Gunter P. Sharp-Bette: 9780471799894

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Publication Date: February 9, 1990 ISBN-10: 0471799890 ISBN-13 :978-0471799894 | Version: 10
Describe an important and useful project evaluation and selection of concepts and technologies in the past two decades. These concepts and techniques – the key individuals, businesses and public investment decisions – in an integrated framework, based on traditional engineering principles of economics. The basic concepts and techniques of four main components – economic analysis, uncertainty analysis, stochastic analysis, thematic – covering a wide range of topics, including: accounting income, interest rates, inflation rates, cash flow model used tranforms depreciation enterprises tax, investment value, utility theory, decision tree analysis, and so on. Many public investment analysis and decision-making rules to select multiple options. Having a large number of case studies, illustrations, tables, and the final chapter.