Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, and Flight Mechanics: Barnes W. McCormick: 9780471575061

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Publication Date: September 13, 1994 | ISBN-10: 0,471,575,062 ISBN-13 :978-0471575061 Edition: 2
A new version of the most effective in the field text / reference! Aerodynamics, aviation, flight mechanics, second edition Barnes McCormick, The Pennsylvania State University 57506-2 When the first version of aerodynamics, aviation, flight mechanics announced that it soon became one of the most important teaching and reference tool for the field. Generation after generation of students not only learn what they continue to use it in the first edition of the work is still the most famous scroll guide, you will find one of the aircraft company. Now, this classic text / reference is a bold new version. All new materials and interleaving computer whole of the second version is more practical than before! The derivation of a new version is complete and the first natural, aerodynamics, aviation, flight mechanics analysis and application of all necessary to understand the basic principles and then specific examples of the application of this material. You will find that completely cover a full range of topics, to promote the stability and control of the aerodynamic performance. In addition, the new version has the same well-fusion concept is a well-known features of the previous version. For example, 9, 10 and 11 of Chapter provides a fully integrated presentation of static, dynamic, and automatic stability and control. Three chapters constitute the basis of the stability and control of a complete process. New features you’ll find in the second edition
* The introduction of a new chapter in the helicopter and V / STOL aircraft aerodynamics stage does not include the most current text
* More material than the previous version, including coverage of stealth aircraft and delta wing
Computer is now widely used throughout each chapter contains several computer exercises
* Computer disk programs written by the author