Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach (Aiaa Education Series) (9781600869112): Daniel P. Raymer

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Publication Date: August 2012 ISBN-10: of 1,600,869,114 ISBN-13 :978-1,600,869,112 Edition: 5
This best-selling textbook the entire process of aircraft conceptual design – from requirements definition to initial size, configuration layout, analysis, resize, optimize, and industry research. The design team widely used in industry and government aircraft, aircraft design conceptual approach is the design of the text in the world around major universities. Encyclopedia of virtual engineering, it is known as to its completeness, easy-to-read style and real-world approach to design process. Special features: more than 900 pages of design methods, illustrations, tips, explanation, and lofting equation, subsystem, maintainability, producibility, a vulnerability and stealth overview; aerodynamics, stability and control, propulsion the concept and calculation method of the structure, weight, performance and cost; conventional and unconventional design methods, including unmanned aerial vehicles, duck, tandem wing, C wing, oblique wing, asymmetric, multi-fuselage, wings, ground effects , and more coverage;, vertical takeoff and landing, helicopters, spacecraft, launch vehicles, hypersonic, and airship design. New topics include: how to become an aircraft designer recommendations; electric aircraft batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, green aircraft, including bio-fuels, GTL, hydrogen, methane, nuclear, active aeroelastic wing and state-of-the-art tailless concept; enhanced learning materials, including a summary of the beginning of this chapter set the stage for art, descriptive definition of the sidebar and skills, and what we learned chapter summarizes the enterprise.