Aircraft Powerplants: Michael Kroes, Thomas Wild: 9780028018744

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Publication Date: January 21, 1994 ISBN-10: 0,028,018,745 ISBN-13 :978-0028018744 Edition: 7
Aircraft power plant, the seventh edition, Glencoe Aviation Technology Series (formerly the Northrop Series), part of the most comprehensive and up-to-date the engine book on the market today. It has been revised to reflect the latest changes of the FAR Part 147 and changing industry needs.
Coverage of the theory and terminology of the new version uses a turbine engine. In addition, it also includes additional current models of turbofan engine, turboprop and turboshaft engines. The turbine engine fuel, oil, ignition system information has been expanded, is divided into different sections. The rest of the material of the turbine engine is updated and made ​​in addition to the reciprocating engine, can be used separately or together to teach the flexibility of the material.

Relates to a composite material of the propeller portion of the new material added propeller, dynamic propeller blancing, and auxiliary propulsion system, such as automatic feathers, synchronous phase, and deicing. Aircraft system updates and the reorganization of the material, including the latest information, control, display, and early warning systems. Throughout the text, with particular emphasis on the integration of the stock about how individual components and systems to work together.