America: A Concise History, Volume Two: Since 1865: James A. Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, Robert O. Self: 9780312643294

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Publication Date: January 9, 2012 ISBN-10: 0312643292 ISBN-13 :978-0312643294 | Version: fifth edition
Fresh interpretations from two new author, all re-conceived theme investigation wealth of cutting-edge scholarship, the fifth edition of the United States: A Brief History of the design is the perfect way, you teach today. Balance the advantages of the establishment of the characteristics of this book to explain the force, and a brief but comprehensive narrative, as well as its excellent full-color visuals and construction, the main sources of James Henretta, Rebecca Edwards hereby, and Robert tangible the United States to enter the ideal brief book for the modern survey course, the value can not be beat.