Analysis, Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes (3rd Edition) (9780135129661): Richard Turton, Richard C. Bailie, Wallace B. Whiting, Joseph A. Shaeiwitz

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Publication Date: January 3, 2009 ISBN-10: 0135129664 ISBN-13 :978-0135129661 Edition: 3
Leading comprehensive Chemical Process Design Guide: Now with new problems, new projects, and more

Than ever before, more efficient design is the focus of chemical engineering. Chemical process analysis, synthesis, design, third edition, a creative process, and integrated two big screen and the small details of the design, and know what stressed, and why. Reality, from start to finish, this book moves readers beyond classroom exercises into open, real-world process of problem-solving. The author introduces a comprehensive technology in every aspect of the discipline, from finance to operations, new plant design to existing process optimization.

This completely updated third edition is completely new, and at the end of each chapter. It also adds extensive coverage of batch process design, including the size of the equipment for a realistic example batch sequencing; batch scheduling multi-product factory via intermediate storage and parallel equipment to improve production and new optimization techniques specifically for batch process.

Conceptualization and analysis of chemical processes: flow chart, tracking, process conditions, and more
Chemical process economics: capital and manufacturing cost analysis, to predict or assess the profitability
Synthesis and optimization of chemical processing: experience-based principles, BFD / PFD, analog,
Through the I / O models, performance curves, and other tools in the process of performance analysis
The process of troubleshooting and “open up the bottleneck
Chemical engineering and social morality, professional, health, safety, and new “green engineering” techniques
Successful participation in chemical engineering design team
Analysis, synthesis and design of chemical processes, Third Edition, draws on nearly 35 years of innovative chemical engineering instruction at West Virginia University (West Virginia University). Single semester a year-long design courses, case studies and practical application of the design project; and appendices, which include 11 courses with current equipment cost data and preliminary design of chemical processes, including seven brands, this new version .

The CD-ROM contains latest version of CAPCOST, a powerful tool to evaluate the investment in fixed assets, the whole process of economic and profitability, the conveyor and cost data, crystal, dryer, dust collector, filter, mixer , reactor, and the screen expansion. It also contains tools of HENSAD, building temperature interval, cascade, temperature, and enthalpy diagrams; estimated temperature and the design of heat exchanger networks. Also provides additional chapters, outcomes assessment, written and oral communication and written reports, case studies, as well as six complete student design projects.

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