Android Phones For Dummies: Dan Gookin: 9781118169520

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Publication Date: April 3, 2012 ISBN-10: 1118169522 ISBN-13 :978-1118169520 Edition: 1
All you need to know about your Android smartphone? In full color!
Eager to learn the ins and outs of the new knowledge, the exciting new Android phone it? Then this is the book you need! Written in the typical fun and friendly fool, this full-color guide covers all the features of the basic Android phone, not weight a lot of technical terms or jargon. The veteran world-renowned author Dan Gookin walk you through everything from installation and configuration, the potential to make your phone SMS, Ë-mailing, access to the Internet and social networking sites, using the camera, lip-synching with a PC, download the application , and so on.

Covers all the details for an Android phone, including the Motorola robots HTC device, the Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone operating system, to name a few
Full potential to guide you through the basic telephone service, but also encourage you to explore your phone
As an ideal, who is keen on Android phone can do everything to get a deal with an inexperienced Android Beginner’s Guide
The Android phone Fool can help you to become smarter, your Android smartphone.

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