Basics of Industrial Hygiene (Preserving the Legacy): Debra Nims: 9780471299837

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Publication Date: January 28, 1999 ISBN-10: 0,471,299,839 ISBN-13 :978-0471299837 Edition: 1
This book provides a pleasant way to quickly master the basic industrial hygiene environmental technology majors. Protect heritage in the critically acclaimed series, like all books, it follows a fast-learning modular format, including learning objectives, summarize the chapter’s end-to-end reviews, practice questions, and develop their skills in classroom activities. Throughout the text, sidebars highlight key concepts, and more than 90 high-quality line drawings, photographs, and charts to help clarify the concepts involved.

Of Debra net interest margin beginning of art and science, industrial hygiene and fascinating historical review by a concise review of biology and toxicology from the key concepts and terminology. Then, her depth coverage:
* Verify or potentially dangerous
* Sampling and workplace assessment
* Hazard control
* Toxicology, occupational health and occupational health standards
* Airborne hazards
* Skin diseases and exposure to hazardous
* Fire and Explosion Hazards
* Occupational noise
* Radiation
* Temperature is too high or too low
* Reuse trauma

Reference technical staff and management of the environment by virtue of its extensive coverage and quick-reference format, basic knowledge of industrial hygiene is also a handy refresher and work practice.
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