Biomaterials Science, Third Edition: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine: Buddy D. Ratner, Allan S. Hoffman, Frederick J. Schoen, Jack E. Lemons: 9780123746269

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Publication Date: November 8, 2012 ISBN-10: 0123746264 ISBN-13 :978-0123746269 Edition: 3
All classes of the most comprehensive textbook on the principles and applications of biological material
4 leader in the field of biological materials, today edit full recognition and support of the Institute of Biological Materials
Revised and expanded, key new topics include: tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, new materials and new clinical applications and related translation and commercial considerations
New teaching and learning materials, biomaterials structured curriculum education
Biological materials have a profound impact on human health. They also affect a lot of ongoing research and development of new and improved implants and devices in medicine and biotechnology. The well-known and best-selling title is the third version of biological materials science is the most comprehensive, the latest single text. It provides a balanced, insightful approach to learning the science and technology of biological material, as clinicians and scientists, academic and corporate, who have to participate in an important reference for the application of materials in medicine. This resource is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as in biomedical engineering science and medical researchers and educators.

More than 29,000 copies sold, this is the most comprehensive coverage of the principle and application of all categories of biological material: “Only this text, is currently involved in this comprehensive ‘- material
“Four of the most well-known figures in the field of biological material, biological material full recognition and social support
Fully revised and expanded focus on new topics, including tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, and new clinical applications, with a whole new teaching and learning materials, case studies and downloadable pictures library.

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