Chemistry for Engineers: An Applied Approach: Mary Jane Shultz: 9780618271948

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Publication Date: January 24, 2006 ISBN-10: 0618271945 ISBN-13 :978-0618271948 Edition: 1
Full of vibrant four-color design, the concept of the most relevant chemical engineer chemical engineer, and demonstrate them in the context of the application. A thorough problem-solving and concept-driven approach helps engineering students of quantitative and qualitative courses and skills required for success in their respective fields. Emphasize the skills, concepts and characteristics of engineering applications, appear throughout each chapter, students with multiple opportunities to hone your understanding of the subject of its own chapter. For students who need it, are introduced, the so-called “foundation” provides a quick review of the basic chemical and mathematical concepts. A complete technology package included with the text, so that the dynamic of the teaching and learning of chemistry. These resources include Diploma CL test program, the HM ClassPresent CD scalable video and animation, as well as online learning center students quizzes and tutorials.