Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone (4th Edition): Albert Valdman, Cathy Pons, Mary Ellen Scullen: 9780135033678

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Publication Date: January 23, 2009 | ISBN-10: 0135033675 ISBN-13 :978-0135033678 Edition: 4
For courses introduced in France.
Based on the success of the earlier versions, the latest innovations rooted in language teaching, rich nuanced focus on the development of language skills in French-speaking countries, stressed in the fourth edition of Chez Nous travel through a highly integrated and process-oriented method “Five C” is consistent with national standards.

The Fourth Edition Chez Nous is a full primary French television program, designed for use in colleges and universities, more than two or three semester or semesters. Careful progress from skills skills in French culture, activities and advanced treatment of the text and a full complement of materials to help students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as in-depth understanding of the development of other cultures so that they come into contact with the real, modern France, and encourage them to express themselves on a variety of topics.

This new version:
Substantive content. Use of language and cultural reality is changing, and this is reflected in the Chez Nous travel, 4 / E
Vocabulary demo (point of departure) related to the subject of education, health, media, technology, ecology, has been revised, as well as its art. The new theme has been added, allowing students to discuss important issues, such as civic responsibility and multiculturalism.
Correspondingly, nearly one-third of the cultural notes (VIE culture) are new or revised to include additional topics, such as voluntary or update information, and provide a more modern and nuanced picture of France and French-speaking countries.
More than one-third of the skill building activities (the Lisons Écoutons, Observons Parlons Écrivons) new or revised fourth edition, the introduction of the new text, video clips, and real tasks. In particular, there is half the readings are significantly revised or new, including new literary selection and press the prose text.
Theme Venez Chez Nous travel! The cultural lesson has been expanded 3 and 4 Chapitres, to reflect the overall chapter focuses. Chapitre 3 now emphasizes study and work in the French-speaking countries, and the Chapitre the daily transaction processing, the entire French-speaking world.
Further improve the scope and sequence of periodic. User feedback, resulting in additional changes to enhance the scope and sequence of the effectiveness and flexibility of the language in the classroom.
The chapters dealing with food and its related grammatical content has been moved to the first half of the book (Chapitre 5), which allows early treatment of useful vocabulary and structural features, such as decile.
Continuation of the two chapters (7) Chapitres 6, direct and indirect object pronouns treatment for the acquisition of personal pronouns review, and then in the final chapter (Chapitre 12), the most common combination and practice.
Pay more attention to the development of learner strategies.
Amendment Écrivons activities targeted writing strategy, and a four-step process to encourage students to draft and revise their writing, focusing first on the content and form of.
Fiche pratique, and sketched out new functionality and practical strategies to help students learn specific course content (for example, to show them the way to organize the new material, how to interact with the native language, the use of the new content or structure or how to test their own).
New understanding based activities, or activities of Put in many form FONCTIONS practical part, let the students carried out a preliminary form-meaning link as they learn new grammatical structures. The latest study emphasizes language learning activities, a key step in language acquisition.
Personalized learning and practice opportunities to increase
With MyFrenchLab, a new state-run online learning system, students and teachers have to provide a wide range of language learning tools and resources. Readiness checks and grammar tutorials through personalized learning experience, students through individualized practice with recording function. The combined Student Activities Manual “(SAM) and other types of practice, allows students to complete their tasks online, while instructors custom tasks and level and monitor the progress of students learning in new ways, such as providing student writing spoken views and detailed tag.
Found new activities incorporating film and music video on the video-sharing site, now a feature of the Teacher Resource Manual. Step-by-step classroom treatment provides a number of options are integrated into the program of music and movies.
Chez Nous travel, 4 / E uses some of the spelling reform of 1990, the most widely accepted elements. The worth mentioning serious accent, have been implemented, affecting the future of verbs and conditions (for verbs, such as préférer) as well as individual vocabulary spelling,, such as crèmerie and évènement. In addition, all digital connections hyphen eliminate vagueness and simplify the learner’s task (ie CINQ one thousand pas de deux% the soixante-ET-ONZE), now write.
The chapter opened witnesses to provide an overview of the expected learning outcomes. At the end of each chapter, a new self-assessment checklist, to encourage students to take stock, and they have learned what was going on.
Add new design and art Chez Nous travel, 4 / E user friendliness. The photos provide a richer description of the French-speaking world and the newer lines combined to improve the focus of contemporary and visually appealing book.
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