Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam: Michael R. Lindeburg: 9781591263418

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Publication Date: March 16,2011 | ISBN-10: 1,591,263,417 ISBN-13 :978-1591263418 | Version: version 12, the new version of
Civil Engineering Reference Manual is the most accurate and comprehensive reference for the Civil PE exam. Trusted text covers all the topics, codes and standards NCEES Civil PE exam specifications. Clear and focused explanations of civil engineering concepts to strengthen with more than 500 step-by-step example problems. The necessary forms, figures, charts, Appendix exam can solve many problems, using the reference manual alone. Extensive index to help you quickly and easily find important information.

Famous writer Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, has been widely revised Reference Manual. “Update including the theme coverage re-examples, and hundreds of new index entries. The major revision structure, transportation, construction themes examination dependence the NCEES using the norms and standards reflect. Use consistent naming can be cross-referenced between chapters easily concepts. In a total of 89 chapters, 84 have been revised and updated.

Once you pass the exam, the Civil Engineering Reference Manual will continue to serve as an invaluable reference for the entire civil engineering career.

Topics covered in exams

Construction: earthwork construction and layout of the estimated quantities and costs, scheduling, material quality control and production • temporary structures
Geotechnical Engineering: • shallow foundations retaining structures underground exploration and sampling • soil engineering properties and mechanics of materials analysis • Earth’s structure
Structure: load analysis, mechanics of materials Materials • Member Design
Transportation: traffic analysis geometric design • Transportation Planning • Traffic Safety
Water Resources and Environment: closed hydraulic pipeline hydraulic open channel hydrology • Sewage Treatment • Water Treatment
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