Civil Engineer’s Handbook of Professional Practice: Karen Hansen, Kent Zenobia: 9780470438411

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Publication Date: April 26, 2011 ISBN-10: 047043841X ISBN-13 :978-0,470,438,411 Edition: 1
A well-written, hands-on, single source for Civil Engineering Practice Guide
There is a growing awareness of the international competitiveness of Civil Engineers not only to build on their traditional strengths in technology and science, but also must gain more business, and civil engineering to master. Ethics, teamwork, project management, leadership and communication is defined as the ASCE in the 2008 landmark publication, the successful practice of Civil Engineering 21 century (BOK2), knowledge systems, civil engineering essential. This is the first to take the practical skills by the the ASCE BOK2 definition and provide lighting technology, quotes, case studies, problems and information to assist the reader to solve the many challenges faced in the real world of Civil Engineers, single-source guide. Civil Engineers Professional Practice Manual:

Focus on the business and management aspects of the work of a civil engineer, students and practitioners to provide sound principles of corporate governance
Address contemporary issues, such as allowing the case, globalization, sustainable development and emerging technologies
Balance of speed, quality and price, contracting and legal issues in a customer-oriented professional to provide effective
Including live and grow juggling career goals, to guide the work, other than compensation
From the severe test of the challenge to identify and solve the problem of sustainable development, this book is the practice of Civil Engineering’s an essential tool.

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