Construction Equipment Management (9780137162673): John Schaufelberger

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Publication Date: October 19, 1998 | ISBN-10: 0137162677 ISBN-13 :978-0137162673 Edition: 1
Civil / construction technology, practical and informative guide to provide a valuable reference for the critical knowledge of construction equipment, its use and management considerations. It provides a clear, concise explanation of the concept, a detailed example problems and realistic exercises, and construction equipment need only limited knowledge. Covering all major types of devices are usually used for commercial construction projects, and illustrated with numerous figures each type of combat capability. Shows how to select the appropriate equipment, specific construction tasks, and discuss the technical equipment of the production efficiency and cost estimates. Discuss management issues of major equipment, including the time value of money, fleet management, maintenance and management. Contains a glossary of common conversion factors, form factors of interest.