Construction Project Management: A Complete Introduction: Alison Dykstra: 9780982703496

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Publication Date: January 1, 2011 ISBN-10: 098270349X ISBN-13 :978-0982703496 Edition: First
Its development, planning and management of construction projects.
Direct and readable, but thorough textbook focused on the role of the contractor, the readers from start to finish – from the early stages of development, through a tender to select the contractor units in the building itself, and close. Explore a wide range of practical problems, as well as answers to common questions:
- In the end it is the players who are under construction, everyone doing
- Why the contractor should avoid some of the work, and how they get the right job
- Tender offer, why not always the best bid
- Why the different types of construction contracts for the different levels of risk
- Type of link between the contract, as well as how to pay contractors
- Why is the cost estimate and schedule is key to the success of the project
- The general contractor will be working time and budget
, There’s more:
- Bonds, insurance and lien
- Avoidance and settlement of disputes
- Design, construction, project delivery and BIM
- Change Order
- Fast payment
- A wide range of construction project management glossary vocabulary
With a complete introduction to green building.
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