CPM in Construction Management, Seventh Edition (9780071636643): Fredric Plotnick, James O’Brien

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Publication Date: August 11, 2009 | ISBN-10: 0071636641 ISBN-13 :978-0071636643 Edition: 7
Accelerate the CPM – This guide to construction planning and scheduling
Open CPM software CD-ROM includes a full-featured Deltek
A retail value of $ 2,000, unlimited license, this CD-ROM that came on the world-class products. Some activities, the evaluation time, or use without limitation. With the instructions in the CPM and powerful software, you are ready for business now.

The CD-ROM also provides:

From Oracle (PRIMAVERA), Microsoft, and other link to download the powerful software
Full-color PDF files and scalable copy the text in all the screenshots
Classic Primavera P3 software other sections of the screen, on-screen instructions
Computer readable PDF of two sample CPM specifications
Planning and scheduling, critical path method (CPM) is a powerful tool for the design and management of engineering and construction projects. When it comes to the day-to-day application of CPM construction, this guide is known as the industry Bible, it is what you want. Famous by former vice chair of the construction management company, the renovation of San Francisco’s cable car system and rebuild the new JFK Airport in New York, and the nation’s leading construction scheduling experts, in the seventh edition of the CPM in Construction Management weapons your knowledge key to simulate the project and master the software of the smooth handling of complex work.

This is a very informative and practical book that tells you how CPM:

Engineering – how to make it work for you
As the choice of the analytical tools to assess the negotiations, resolve and / or construction claims litigation
Reduce costs in the one-person operation or the most complex multinational
Help you stay on top of every aspect of the complexity of the project
Save you a lot of money to avoid delays, accurate cost projections, and claimed to reduce
Multiplying effect, your intuition, experience and knowledge
Successful implementation through the appropriate use of the power of leading scheduling software products,
CPM ready and management of major engineering company project specifications, according to the text, but also can be used as the main resource of the PSP and PMI-SP exam preparation. As the entire project of the world’s major construction projects and examples of “John Doe” case studies, this book will simplify the application of the CPM. Shorten the project time to a minimum. Determine the delivery of the acceleration, and a chance of sliding. Immediately know the impact of the changes, as well as how to flourish, while others can not. Understand the value of CPM court evidence – watch a friendly settlement of disputes. This updated classic construction tools, makes everything around you work better, faster and more economical.

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