Critical Thinking: Brooke Noel Moore, Richard Parker: 9780078038280

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Publication Date: January 11,2011 | ISBN-10: 0,078,038,286 0,078,038,280 Edition ISBN-13 :978-: 10
Imagine a class, students are actively personally involved in critical thinking, but also how to apply these thinking skills in everyday life. Now, imagine the confidence to participate in class work through the exercises outside the classroom, as well as the implementation process, these same students.
Connect critical thinking, students can do this successfully. Critical thinking is the first: a learning program anchored in research and teaching tool for critical thinking.

With Moore and Parker’s witty writing style and enrich the lives of students, special exercises and examples, will help ensure that students can come to class confidence, critical thinking and preparation. Other courses provide students with the skills, they can be widely applied to success in school and life success?