Data Analysis and Decision Making: S. Christian Albright, Wayne Winston, Christopher Zappe: 9780538476126

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Publication Date: October 12, 2010 ISBN-10: 0538476125 ISBN-13 :978-0538476126 Edition: 4
Teach examples of data analysis and decision-making methods, the learners writing style, as well as the complete Excel integration, focusing on data analysis, modeling and spreadsheet use statistics and management science. Online paid content site access to a unique code, every new book include the following add-ins: fence decision-making tool kit (_AT_ RISK of StatTools, PrecisionTree’s TopRank the RISKOptimizer time, NeuralTools, and Evolver); SolverTable allows the user to perform sensitivity analysis. All add amendments to add Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 Notes (as applicable).

About this version

New features
2 and 3 and restructuring completely rewritten, focus on describing a variable, the relationship between the variables. These two chapters have more coverage of categorical variables, as well as new and more interesting data sets example. Many problems in the previous version deleted or updated, and adds some new problems of correlation analysis of the statistics. The guide is available to mentor in the context of the “data” problem, which also shows the correspondence between the problem in this version and the previous version of the existing problem.

Chapter 4, Chapter 17 of the previous version was renamed the “Import data into Excel, and its part of Chapter 2 of the Excel table is completely rewritten. (The previous version of chapters 5-17 are re 4-16).

This book is still based on Excel 2007, but changes in Excel 2010 Note has been added applicable. Specifically, in a small part of the new slice PivotTable, several mentioned the new statistical functions (although the old functions still work).

Each chapter now has 10-20 more consistent and relevant conceptual issues “final chapter.

The first two linear programming examples in Chapter 13 (Chapter 14) before replacement replaced two portfolio models, second on the basis of the first. As a first example of the linear programming, the pattern of the previous “diet” is too complicated.

Several chapters open amulets were replaced by new and more interesting and there are now many short “fundamental insights” throughout the chapters. The purpose of these insights is to allow students from the details and see the really important ideas.

All updated screenshots and explain to reflect Excel 2007 and updated plug-ins. Prompt has been added in Excel 2010 (if applicable). This version now provides access to Excel add-in software via an access code to an online paid content site to buy a new book for each student.

Teacher Resource CD: slides, and solutions, case studies, and sample files have been updated to reflect the core text 4th edition. The test database has been updated to a new problem, now in ExamView test software.

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