Digital Communications, 5th Edition: John Proakis, Masoud Salehi: 9780072957167

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Publication Date: November 6, 2007 | ISBN-10: 0072957166 ISBN-13 :978-0,072,957,167 Edition: 5th
The area of digital communications, is used as a senior or graduate level text is a classic book. The text is flexible and can easily in a semester course or there is enough depth, including two semesters. Its comprehensiveness makes a great book, so that students in their own career, for reference.

This all-inclusive guide, the introduction of an excellent digital communication system analysis and design. Expert coverage of new topics: Turbo code Turboequalization antenna array, a digital cellular system, iterative detection. Convenient, the continuous organization began from there to see the history of the channel model and classification, and the establishment.