Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL: Robert Dueck: 9781401840303

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Publication Date: June 8, 2004 ISBN-10: 1401840302 ISBN-13 :978-1401840303 Edition: 2
The second edition of the main carrier to continue to use programmable logic teaching digital design principles, and keep the updates to Altera’s Quartus II software implementation of digital design method, the current state-of-the-art status. This Windows-based software allows users to design, test and program CPLD design (VHDL) text-based and graphical format (schematic entry). The second edition describes the the CPLD device’s teaching order, while ignoring the basic figures such as Boolean algebra, logic minimization, and the basis of the combination and timing circuit laid a solid foundation for more advanced principles. VHDL and Quartus II applications throughout.