Dos mundos: Comunicacion y comunidad: Tracy Terrell, Magdalena Andrade, Jeanne Egasse, Elías Miguel Muñoz: 9780073385211

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Publication Date: January 30, 2009 ISBN-10: 0,073,385,212 ISBN-13 :978-0073385211 Edition: 7
DOS mundos, introduced Spain’s best-selling plan, special progressive activities, its name as an innovative pioneer from Spain. Today, it has maintained the spirit of innovation through many successful editions and continues to be implemented in a number of Spanish courses start throughout the country, with outstanding results. Based on the communicative approach, DOS mundos stresses the use of fun activities in a natural and spontaneous classroom atmosphere. Actividades the COMUNICACION play a major role in Dos mundos, because the core of the program is to communicate. These activities include: fresh, practical ideas from the field of second language teaching. In this research-based approach to learning language, the development of communicative language ability is a central goal, with formal grammar presentation and communication services practice. To this end, the grammar explanations and exercises in the blue pages of the end of each chapter designed quick reference and ease of use of the research. In addition, the cultural content incorporated throughout each chapter. Each chapter opener new Conozca of part of national or regional focus gives an introduction, including holidays, food, famous people, and important cities. Ventanas culturales readings focus on the social customs and daily life, the the ventanas pasado readings focus on the social, cultural or political history of Spanish-speaking world wound readings explore literature, music and movies, and the presence of Lecturas topics, such as sports and leisure activities. DOS mundos CENTRO a portal learning management system through the various digital components of including Quia workbook and laboratory manuals and an interactive e-books can be purchased. McGraw – Hill exclusive system provides a single sign-on authentication for students and instructors a single gradebook.