Elements of Petroleum Geology, Second Edition: Richard C. Selley: 9780126363708

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Publication Date: October 3, 1997 ISBN-10: 0126363706 ISBN-13 :978-0126363708 Edition: 2
This second edition of petroleum geological factors completely updated and revised to reflect since the first edition was published 15 years, tremendous changes in the field. The book is a usefulprimer geophysicists, geologists and petroleum engineers in the oil industry who wish to expand their knowledge beyond their areas of expertise. This is an excellent introductory text of the University of Petroleum Geology courses.
Elements of petroleum geology account the physical and chemical properties of the oil, the review of oil exploration and production. These methods include drilling, geophysical exploration, well logging, geological mapping and underground. The connate fluid temperature and pressure in the underground environment and hydrodynamics Selley described after, check the oil, reservoir rocks and trapping mechanisms generation and migration of oil and habits of sedimentary basins. This book contains the account of the composition and the tar sands and oil shale formation, the prospects for risk analysis, reserve estimates and summary, and a brief review of other economic issues.
* Completely updated the first edition
* Review of petroleum exploration and production concepts and methods.
* Write an excellent petroleum geologist and sedimentologist and 30 years of oil exploration in remote areas of the world
* Contains information geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers