Engineering Economic Analysis (9780195394634): Donald Newnan, Jerome Lavelle, Ted Eschenbach

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ion Date: April 1, 2011 ISBN-10: 0,199,797,560 ISBN-13 :978-0199797561 Edition: 7
Engineering – a field of rigorous academic and creative. The face of the endless job opportunities, students taking of relevant research and engineering practice do not have a clear idea. Fortunately, Engineering your future: an integrated engineering (Seventh Edition) The Definitive Guide to the expectations of academic and vocational opportunities, to help guide the students along the path a valuable employment agency in the field of engineering.


To introduce students to a wide range of engineering disciplines, degree-granting, the latest data of the employment opportunities and salaries
* Highlights of the ethical responsibility of the engineer
* Focus on the development of all the important problem-solving skills and communication skills in the classroom and on the success of the work of key
* Provide both the leadership team and guidance, and equally important, is an effective team member
* Introduction of a design methodology that can be used immediately, and in the subsequent design courses
* Review unit provides a convenient and conversion, math and engineering base
* Very extensive coverage instructors unparalleled flexibility, introductory courses used in any type of project your future

What’s New

* Update computer tools chapter describes the use of the computer’s Internet history, through advanced engineering design package, including spreadsheets, mathematical programming, social media, by e-mail and communication
How to effectively cover the diversity of engineering students teamwork skills are critical to their future career
* Updated green and biological information to solve the current problems, including sustainable development, the promotion of human health
* New profile contemporary engineers and their current research, so that students have an internal glimpse into what areas might be the most suitable
The latest statistics for the job market to provide critical data to provide information to help students’ career decisions
* Timely financial aid information, including student loans, financial aid, grants, and to avoid being cheated

Teacher Resource

Oakes EYF Comprehensive IRCD (9780199798513)

Teachers CD contains PowerPoint lectures and computer test bank
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Publication Date: July 20, 2009 | ISBN-10: 0,195,394,631 ISBN-13 :978-0195394634 Edition: 10
The ideal text for undergraduate engineering economy courses – now the new cases.

Since it was first published in 1976, the text has been the market leader in engineering-economic analysis of the course of the book. It is characterized by:
Will focus on the practical application of
A way to encourage students to read this book, and memory and to apply the knowledge learned in this process, it is very interesting. There is no better way to do this, rather than injected with real world examples, problems and amulets.
* Most of the students do not have accounting or financial expertise. This book take the time to carefully explain, while helping the students will be applied to the project.
Senior support package for students and teachers
In order to make this process easier to understand, learn and teach, Oxford University Press, provides the best support packages in the market.