Essential Statistics: w/Student CD: David Moore: 9781429234467

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Publication Date: July 17, 2009 | ISBN-10: 1429234466 ISBN-13 :978-1429234467 | Version: 1
WH Freeman are pleased to publish a new text ‘David Moore: basic statistics.

David Moore’s considerable experience in a statistician and teacher, he is committed to producing high-quality, innovative introductory statistics textbook prompted him to create the necessary statistics. The text provides the same highly successful approach and David Moore’s best-selling basic pedagogical practices Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the fifth edition, but in a short, concise format. Through careful rewriting, he has shortened and simplified interpretation, to better highlight the important and necessary, statistical thinking and methods, students need to know.

The text is based on three principles: balanced content, the importance of ideas and experience in data. “Just the basics” approach, the text to clarify and simplify the concepts and methods, so that students with modern, realistic examples. In this book, exercises help students check and apply their skills. Examples and exercises in the four-step problem-solving process, encourage them to develop good habits, beyond the requirements of graphics and computing, “What data can you tell me?”

The necessary statistical information is what its name implies: Statistics of the basic ideas and methods introduced, designed for students to engage in a common statistical procedures and statistical reasoning in their field of study, and her husband