Fabrication Engineering at the Micro and Nanoscale (Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) (9780195320176): Stephen A. Campbell

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Publication Date: September 17, 2007 ISBN-10: 0195320174 ISBN-13 :978-0195320176 Edition: 3
Designed for semiconductor, microelectronics manufacturing, manufacturing engineering third edition, provides a comprehensive and could be introduced to senior undergraduate or first-year graduate courses in various fields of micro-and nano-scale micro-and nano-manufacturing. Thoroughly revised and updated, the text covers the entire basic unit processes used in the manufacture of integrated circuits and other devices. It includes more examples, illustrations, and expanded coverage of the manufacturing process forefront.

The process describes the equipment used by the description of the physics and chemistry of each process. The text uses a popular commercial process simulation suite – the Silvaco Athena ® code – provides the basic processes including diffusion, oxidation, photolithography, deposition meaningful examples.

This book discusses these basic unit processes integrating various technologies, focused on the CMOS transistors. Text into the process module, the thermal budget, advanced architecture, the treatment of the concept of improved performance and the channel used the strain on the material.