Financial Modeling: Simon Benninga 978-0262026284

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Publication Date: January 8, 2008 ISBN-10: 0262026287 ISBN-13 :978-0262026284 | Version: third edition
In many cases, finance courses stop the connection between the the textbook Financial and real-world business problems. Financial Modeling bridges provide a nuts and bolts to solve common spreadsheet financial model, the gap between theory and practice. Simon Benninga need the reader step by step through each model, showing how it can be solved using Microsoft Excel. The standard text to maintain the long-awaited third edition of the “cookbook” features and Excel dependence so popular first and second editions. It also provides important new material, new chapters cover such topics as bank valuation, portfolio optimization, Monte Carlo method and its application of the Black-Litterman method of option pricing, and using array functions and formulas. Other chapters, including basic financial calculations, portfolio models, calculating the variance – covariance matrix to generate random numbers, has been modified, with a number of substantial new and improved materials. Other areas include financial statements modeling, leasing, standard portfolio problem in insurance value (VARs), real options, duration and immunization, and term structure model. The technical section data tables, matrices, Gauss – Seidel method, use Excel skills and other topics. The text contains a Visual Basic Application (VBA) techniques needed book. The accompanying CD contains Excel worksheets and solutions to end of chapter exer