Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control: Michael S. Nolan: 9781435482722

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Publication Date: January 28, 2010 ISBN-10: 1435482727 ISBN-13 :978-1435482722 | Version: 5
Air Traffic Control 5E is based on an authoritative book, providing readers with a good working knowledge of how and why the air traffic control system works. This book is suitable for future air traffic controllers, as well as the need for better understanding of the air traffic control system for pilots. Air Traffic Control 5E foundation, discusses the history of air traffic control, the emphasis on guiding the development of logic. It also provides the current the depth information navigation systems, air traffic control system structure, control tower procedures, radar separation, national airspace system operation and the FAA’s reorganization hiring procedures. This is the only college-level book, so the reader a real understanding of the air traffic control system, and can not simply ask them to recite the rules and regulations of the list.