Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics: Bruce R. Munson, Alric P. Rothmayer, Theodore H. Okiishi, Wade W. Huebsch: 9781118116135

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Publication Date: May 15, 2012 ISBN-10: 1,118,116,135 ISBN-13 :978-1118116135 Edition: 7
The basic principles of fluid mechanics to provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic, with different examples and problems, the application of the visual component of fluid mechanics, as well as effective learning strong concern. Text to the progressive development of the confidence to solve the problem. The authors have designed their presentation, so that readers gradually developed the confidence to solve the problem. Every important concept is easy to understand the terms and conditions, to more complex examples are discussed. Continue the tradition of this book, a wide range of real-world applications, 7th edition includes news in the case of the more fluid, study boxes in each chapter, a new type of problem, an increasing number of real-world photos as well as other video, add text material and help generate students interested in the topic. The example problems have been updated and has been incorporated into many new photos, figures and charts. In addition, more video, to help and strengthen the understanding, support visualization skills building to enable students more in-depth material and concepts.