Gemba Kaizen: A Commonsense Approach to a Continuous Improvement Strategy 2/E: Masaaki Imai: 9780071790352

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Publication Date: May 23, 2012 ISBN-10: 0,071,790,357 ISBN-13 :978-0,071,790,352 Edition: 2
Authoritative, comprehensive guide continuous improvement in the workplace

In the field to improve the method, the second edition of the show when the management to focus on the unique opportunity to implement GEMBA (site), can be found to increase the success of any organization and profitability continued to improve (incremental, continuous improvement).

Updated version, sharing the wealth from around the world, new medical examples and case studies of classic books. Methods in this book will help you to improve product quality and safety, to shorten the waiting time and improve long-term financial position organization. highly recommended! ”
- Lean of hospital and medical care continued to improve co-author Mark Graban,

“Every business faces the iron triangle quality, cost and delivery, you can not have all three traditional thinking claims not only Imai Mr. turn, thinking about it on the head, but he shows you exactly how to do this.”
- Matthew E. 5 months, I elegant solution and legal subtraction

“Masaaki Imai to do it again the second edition of his famous book not only describes all the necessary tools, any type of enterprise implementation of lean strategies, but it also contains a large number of excellent case studies.
- Art Byrne, author of Lean rebound

Author: Masaaki Imai, the pioneer of the modern enterprise operational excellence and continuous improvement College, founder of the site improvements, the second edition is in-depth revision of this well-known, best-selling work. This book reveals how the most critical business processes to achieve cost-effective, gradual improvement. Extensive global industry case study demonstrates how the on-site improvement has been successfully used to:

Maximize capacity and reduce inventory in the United Nations General Assembly Limited the biggest flour operating in Kenya
Change IT culture Achmea, a major European insurance companies
Exceed customer expectations in the U.S. Walt Disney World
Japan Inoue and hospitals to improve product quality
The SONAE MC, Portugal’s largest employers transform the retail process
Every day in practice Rostock Ledervin continuous improvement, the Knitting Factory in Brazil
Stamps Muda Sunclipse in the United States, industrial packaging distributors
XJ Group Corporation, appliance manufacturers in China, the total labor force is involved in the improvement of the quality of management
Many other companies in the world, the implementation of on-site improvement
Thrive in today’s competitive global economy, companies need more than ever to operate more efficiently and profitability. Solve problems, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce waste, and is essential to the success of development. Effective strategies to achieve these goals, this pioneering guide.

Site improved second edition is applicable to Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement and process innovation, continuous improvement in key areas of business performance, which key transactions, the GEMBA the authoritative book, have been expecting for a long time, completely updated. The result is a simplified method, in the most critical business processes to achieve cost-effective, and gradually improved.

Written by introducing the concept of continuous improvement, quality management experts in the English-speaking world famous, the international scene to improve hundreds of success stories and examples from a wide range of industry full of innovation guide. These examples illustrate how to reduce costs, improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction.

This comprehensive resource provides important theme of site improvements, including detailed reports:

In the GEMBA the quality, cost and delivery
The five steps of the organization of the workplace
Identify and eliminate muda – any non-value-added activities
Visual management
The role of supervisors in lean working environment
GEMBA manager’s role and responsibility in maintaining high performance
Just in time and the total traffic management
CEO leadership role in the culture of continuous improvement
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