Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems (9781577664550): Ram S. Gupta

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Publication Date: November 30, 2007 | ISBN-10: 1,577,664,558 ISBN-13 :978-1577664550 Edition: 3
Comprehensive and up-to-date, newly revised third edition extends the tradition of excellence established in the first few volumes. With its wide selection of topics, the rich illustrations, as well as a large number of examples, hydrological and hydraulic system, to provide students with an excellent, authoritative treatment of the quantitative elements involved in the development of water resources. The main features of the third edition revised all hydraulic-related material. Principles and basic concepts of the hydraulic system, the application of these principles has been included in a new chapter, now merged into a single chapter of hydraulic structures measuring flow hydraulics. Computer application software updates, the final chapter has been expanded, and more examples in SI units. The third edition of the outstanding features include: 1) more than 300 illustrations and 175 in Table 2) over 225 fully solved examples of problems FPS and SI units; 3) 520 final chapter, the student is assigned; 4) a detailed treatment of the hydrological field investigation and analysis methods, and data evaluation; 5) applications the EPA recommended by the groundwater monitoring and statistical procedures; 6) introduced a variety of surface water flow assessment techniques; 7) the principle of comprehensive coverage, the hydraulic system analysis and design of hydraulic system; 8) thorough treatment of the storm, health, agriculture, urban drainage system.
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