Illustrated Guide to the NEC (Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code (Nec)): Charles R. Miller: 9781435498136

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Publication Date: January 7, 2011 | ISBN-10: 1435498135 ISBN-13 :978-1435498136 Edition: 5
Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code 5E provide readers with a unique way to master the code, the use of highly detailed, accurate technical illustrations and visual decomposition and simplify the amount of expanded and complexity, and the 2011 National Electrical Code. Translation is sometimes vague, complicated wording of the code as simple illustrations and clear explanations, this book provides a resource, which will be conducive to the understanding and application of regulatory requirements and master electrician. The logic of the organization of the material, the first covering basic provisions, then the type of occupancy requirements of the grouping code to start a residential and multi-family residential, commercial establishments and special share progress. The organization also reflects how the information is to work in the electrical industry, better preparing readers for the real world. Illustrated Guide to the fifth edition of the national electrical code change to discuss the new code, and shows some new illustrations by these code changes, combined with other code changes to existing artwork. Comprehensive coverage, innovative learning approach, and industry-based organization, which is an indispensable complement the NEC whether readers need information on a specific area or need to learn the complete code.