Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings: Robert C. Solomon, Kathleen M. Higgins, Clancy Martin: 9780199764860

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Publication Date: September 2, 2011 | ISBN-10: 0,199,764,867 ISBN-13 :978-0199764860 Edition: 10
Into philosophy: text and readings, Tenth Edition, is an exciting, convenient and comprehensive introduction to the core issues of philosophy and a lot of their approach, which has answered. Combined with excerpts from the major works of philosophy and history of philosophy, material selection, clear reading, and provide detailed comments and explanations. Across 2500, select the range from the oldest known fragments to cutting-edge contemporary prose. Organized by the local chapter presented a different point of view – including analysis, continental, feminist, and non-Western perspective – works along the major Western philosophers of history.

Teaching functions:

Discuss issues, summarized and suggestions for further reading in the bibliography at the end of each chapter
* In each section, the problem
The * Marginal quote function readings
* Major philosophical terminology, bold text, and collected at the end of each chapter
* Glossary at the end of the book

This new version:

* Second color and over 230 pictures illustrate key concepts, depicting the famous philosophical figures
* St. Thomas Aquinas, WVO Quine, William Paley, John Locke, Russell, John Dewey, Martin Luther King, the new choice
* Carefully revised to make the material easier to read and the author reviews
* An overview of more than 100 philosophers interspersed throughout the
* Revised teacher’s manual provides a chapter summary and objectives; portion of the summary; test bank multiple choice questions, essay, true / false, and fill in the blank; syllabus and download PowerPoint slides
* Updated supporting website at / us / the Solomon to include all the material resources to enable students in the teacher’s manual: The first chapter gives an overview of chapter objectives, the interactive flash memory card with key terms and definitions, discussions and essay questions; networking links and activities; self-quizzes and suggestions for further reading
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