Introduction to Electronics (9781111128531): Earl Gates

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Publication Date: February 9, 2011 ISBN-10: 1111128537 ISBN-13 :978-1111128531 Edition: 6
The sixth edition of Introduction to Electronics to provide readers with a comprehensive introduction to the field of linear and digital electronic products, while also providing the basic knowledge, so that they can understand basic electronics. This book is intended for first-year students or users in electronics, in order to stimulate their interest, whether they are high school, university, or the field, and will provide a basic background in electronic products they need in today’s increasingly digitized world success. Sixth edition of electronic products continue to expose the broad areas of the reader at a certain level, they can be easily understood. Chapter is brief and focused and common example is used to display mathematical formulas. Each chapter in the previous chapter, let the reader with the necessary knowledge to continue to grow. Many new problems and review questions and Internet applications, to enhance the reader to learn and remember material. In addition, new photos, it is a new subject to changes in the field of electronics and programmable interface controllers date (PICS) also included. Write, let the reader understand the the electronic basic electronics, Sixth Edition.