Introduction to Fluid Power: James L Johnson: 9780766823655

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Publication Date: October 8, 2001 ISBN-10: 0,766,823,652 ISBN-13 :978-0,766,823,655 Edition: 1
Explanation with an easy-to-understand theory and mathematical principles, this book provides the reader with a complete description, including hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power. The differences and similarities between the hydraulic and pneumatic, allowing readers to make full use of their knowledge, new skills on the way. Schematic detailed color illustrations, photographs and color enhancement, and effectively used for the discussion of the structure and function to increase the sharpness components. A specific part of the component specification features in each chapter, and the reality of numbers in such a way to develop a practical system design skills and problem. College-level algebra knowledge assumptions, but no trigonometry or calculus is required, this book is ideal for technicians choice. Located in the easy-to-use attachments, because of them named by the readers of this book, the metric prefixes and conversion factors, equations, graphical symbols. The introduction of the industry, coupled with a comprehensive glossary also includes the interests of those who are just beginning their hydrodynamic.