Introduction to Manufacturing Processes: John Schey: 9780070311367

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Publication Date: July 27, 1999 ISBN-10: 0070311366 ISBN-13 :978-0,070,311,367 Edition: 3
The amendment is intended to address has taken effect since the publication of the second edition of the change. The most significant change has been the attitude of concurrent engineering in the industry. In 1987, it was mainly just paying lip service, today, it has become common practice in the most competitive enterprises. In the second edition, the author discusses the manufacturing system. In the third edition, it became the focus.
Concurrent engineering involves the whole product realization process, including product concept, performance criteria, mechanical design and analysis, material selection, process planning and modeling, production control, automation, assembly, management, and others. Introductory text can not cover all these topics, the third edition of the focus is still on the physical principles and applications of these principles. The main difference in the second edition will focus on the interaction between the process and design. They mean is that the possibility of design, ease of manufacturing and design modifications would recommend highlighting the capabilities and limitations of the process. Will be woven into the entire text of the impact on the environment and the possibility of recycling.