Introduction to Process Technology: Ph.D. Charles E. Thomas: 9781435454255

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Publication Date: February 4, 2009 ISBN-10: 1435454251 ISBN-13 :978-1435454255 Edition: 3
The 3E explore for individuals who are just beginning the technical staff in the course of employment, the introduction of the principle and the development of modern manufacturing technology, process technology, and science and technology, equipment, systems, operations, and troubleshooting. Version 3 is a mature product, the result of years of use and testing. It has a logical arrangement of technology training programs, provide a solid foundation for the theme, and each theme and how it relates to other people. Comprehensive coverage, and to explore the principles of safety, health, environment, process instrumentation, applied physics, applied chemistry, and quality, in an easy-to-understand style, is directly applicable to industry.