Introductory Chemistry Essentials (4th Edition) (9780321725998): Nivaldo J. Tro

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Publication Date: January 15,2011 | ISBN-10: 0321725999 ISBN-13 :978-0321725998 Edition: 4
Introducing chemistry in order to achieve success, you need to develop the ability to solve problems, but you also need to understand why these skills are very important. Introduce the basic knowledge of chemistry, Fourth Edition extends chemistry lab, your world, helping you learn chemistry, showing how it is reflected in your daily life. Throughout, the fourth edition of a new student-friendly, step-by-step problem-solving method, an increase of four steps to sort, develop a strategy to solve and check the working examples. This mature text with MasteringChemistry outside the classroom, the most advanced online tutorial and assessment procedures, in order to cultivate the students’ success.