James: Mercy Triumphs (Member Book): Beth Moore: 9781415871713

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Publication Date: November 1 ISBN-10: 141587171X ISBN-13 :978-1,415,871,713
Jesus’ own brother, James, began skeptical. At that time, how the resurrected Savior to an unbelieving disciple with Beth Moore’s study James: Mercy victory. Once you know, two men and the book of James, you will never be the same.
Compare Bible scholar James prophet Amos. In other respects, James is closer to the book of Proverbs than any New Testament. James is a book with many topics – social justice, joy, difficulty, confidence, reversed – all the wealth of rich and poor, wisdom, gifts above, single-mindedness, the tongue, humility and prayer dangerous they are included in the present study.
(8 video sessions Print 7 weeks)