Legal Aspects of Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Process: Justin Sweet, Marc M. Schneier: 9781111578718

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Publication Date: January 2012 ISBN-10: 1,111,578,710 ISBN-13 :978-1,111,578,718 Edition: 9
The main focus of this text is to provide a bridge between the academic world and the real world of the student. The bridge is to understand what is the law, how law is created, how the law will affect almost every activity of human behavior, and how it works through the establishment of a legal system. The main purpose is for the construction and engineering students, but increasingly for those in the Business School and the School of Law, the text provides a clear, concise, and jargon introduction. Probe beneath the surface of legal rules and reveal why these rules, because they did not list in favor of and against these rules, and to explore how the actual work. Updates with the construction, engineering and construction process of the legal aspects of the recent developments, this text is the reference value practitioners, has been quoted more than 25 court’s judgment.