Linear System Theory and Design (Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) (9780195117776): Chi-Tsong Chen

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Publication Date: September 10, 1998 | ISBN-10: 0,195,117,778 ISBN-13 :978-0,195,117,776 Edition: 3
Of a very successful text, fully revised third edition of the linear system theory and design has made ​​all relevant background students easier access. Introduced the basic properties of the linear system, the text discusses design using state equations and transfer functions. In the state-space design, Lyapunov equations are widely used in the design of the state feedback and state estimation. In the discussion of the transfer function design, pole placement, pattern matching, tracking and interference rejection of their application are included. 1 and 2 degrees of freedom of configuration. All designs can be the solution set of linear algebraic equations.

The two main objectives of the text:
• Use simple and effective way to develop results and design procedures
· Enable students to use the results of design

Using MATLAB development focus on the calculation and interpretation of the results of the idea behind the numerical calculation and description of all results in this new version. This book is the development of all theorems and logical way, so that readers can get an intuitive understanding of the theorem. The revision from the start with the case of time-invariant, by extending the case of time-varying. It also began with the design of a single-input single-output, and extended to the multi-input multi-output design. Collision theory, linear system theory and design, balance, 3 / E between the ideal linear systems and multivariable system design, electrical, mechanical, chemical, aeronautical engineering department at the advanced undergraduate / graduate first the one-year course. Basic knowledge, work experience, it assumes a linear algebra and the Laplace transform, and differential equations.