Major Problems in American History, Volume II: Since 1865 (Major Problems in American History Series): Elizabeth Cobbs-Hoffman, Edward J. Blum, Jon Gjerde: 9781111343163

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Publication Date: January 1, 2011 ISBN-10: 1111343160 ISBN-13 :978-1111343163: 3
Designed to encourage critical thinking, two of the major issues in American History Series history primary sources and analytical articles on the history of the United States to introduce the reader to an important issue. This collection introduced as a major collection of essays on the history of the United States, covering the entire main span of time. The integrated local scale, including political, economic, labor, gender, culture, social trends. The Third Edition also provides a greater emphasis on the visual and cultural roots. Now includes several chapters give readers a better “feel” of pictures, songs and poetry of the time and events being discussed.