Mastering the American Accent with Audio CDs: Lisa Mojsin M.A.: 9780764195822

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Publication Date: April 1, 2009 ISBN-10: 0,764,195,824 ISBN-13 :978-0,764,195,822 | version: PAP / COM
This combination of audio books and teaching plans to weaken the men and women who speak English as a second language accent. This will help them speak standard American English, clarity, confidence and accuracy. Specific exercises focused on the problem of vowels, consonants, such as V, W, B, TH, and the American R correct syllable pressure, smooth voice streams connect words, use common words, such as the contraction will not, and not will not, and more. ESL students often confuse other topics are also discussed and explained. They distinguish between casual and formal speech, homophones (for example, they and there), recognizing with the pronunciation of the letters (comb, receipt, and others), to avoid embarrassing pronunciation mistakes, such as mixed party and potty. The students are familiar with many irregular English spelling rules and exceptions, and show how these violations pronunciation error. Local Language Guide Reference accent issues of 13 different language backgrounds. All the sounds of the lips and tongue position were discussed in detail. The use of male and female voices have enclosed CD with the book, to guide the correct American pronunciation.