MasteringChemistry — Standalone Access Card — for Chemistry: A Molecular Approach: Nivaldo J. Tro: 9780321695338

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ion Date: May 2000 ISBN-10: the 0,201,716,305 ISBN-13 :978-0201716306 | version: Version 2
Web-based diagnostic tests and tutorial system, allowing students to participate in the test of practice, related materials and receive a customized learning plan, according to their results. Every time a student needs to practice test, the research program has identified for improvement and appropriate exercises and interactive math tutorial link. A course management features allow teachers to students’ test scores, learning plans, and practical work.>
Publication Date: January 11, 2011 ISBN-10: 0,393,934,314 ISBN-13 :978-0,393,934,311 | Version: third edition
Designed to help today’s students in chemistry connected to their world, the world from the point of view of the molecule, and become problem-solving expertise.

All general chemistry students facing similar challenges, but they address these challenges in different ways with their own textbooks. Read chapters, from start to finish, some consulting this book as a reference, some seem to solve the problem with the help of the book. Chemistry: Science Context, Third Edition, is designed to help students of every kind, no matter how they use this book.