Modern Recording Techniques: David Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein: 9780240810690

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Release Date: October 1, 2009 ISBN-10: 0240810694 ISBN-13 :978-0240810690 | Version: 7
, We have entered an exciting era in audio production. Traditional restrictions, recording have subsided or disappeared completely, so that it can create and record your own music, few people thought. This expansion, the latest version of the modern shooting techniques that can help guide you through creating, understanding and mastering the professional and project studio. Skills, techniques and tools in the best-selling book in new and innovative ways to help you express your talents to maximize the potential, and allows you to record music.
Clear guidance, audio covers the latest audio technologies, including digital audio workstation (DAW), plug-ins, loops, grooving tools, creative skills, surround sound, master, and more expansion and strengthening of the parts. Accompanied by an interactive companion website ( provides a searchable audio glossary, this dynamite book / website combination did not leave the records can not solve the problem, at the same time provide the opportunity for you, share ideas, get Tip, and seek advice when and where you need it.
With modern recording techniques, 7th Edition, you can:
* Exploration tool, in order to obtain better results in professional and project recording studio
* Digital audio technology, the digital audio workstation (DAW), get in-depth insight into the surround sound production, electronic music, MIDI, synchronization, analog and digital mixing technology, mixing, console automation and more
* Master the basic driving force, to reduce noise, as well as other forms of analog and digital signal processing domain
* Learn practical microphone placement techniques, monitoring fundamentals, CD mastering and important tips to get your music market
* New development, new media, desktop audio and music technology Web

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