National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) 2012 Handbook (Mcgraw Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code Handbook): David Marne: 9780071766852

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Publication date: November 11,2011 ISBN-10: 0,071,766,855 ISBN-13 :978-the 0,071,766,852 version: 3
Achieve full 2012 NESC comply with this hand guide

Designed for use with the code itself, McGraw – Hill National Electrical Code (NESC) 2012 Handbook provides rules rules the NESC, clarify potentially confusing code text annotations, and allows you to perform your job security and self-confidence . This step by step guide describes how to apply and the supply of electricity to meet the NESC rule fixtures and equipment, as well as aerial and underground power supply and communication lines. Hundreds of illustrations and photos, practical examples, concise language on complex and controversial issues including the resources of experts in this regard.

Range includes:

General chapters
The applications * defined * grounding method

Power supply installations and equipment installation and maintenance rules
The protective arrangements workspace rotating equipment * battery * Transformers * regulator * conductor * breaker switchgear * arrester

Installation and maintenance of overhead power supply and communication lines safety rules
Class lines and equipment * clearance level of the building * load * strength requirements * line insulation

Installation and maintenance of underground power supply and communication lines of safety rules
The subway circuit system in the underground structure * power cord * cable directly buried underground cable cable tube riser * terminal * equipment * installed in the tunnel

Work rules, power supply and communication lines and equipment operation
Rule OSHA requires employers and employees

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