New GRE Math Workbook (Kaplan GRE): Kaplan: 9781419550034

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Date: May 10,2011 | ISBN-10: 1,419,550,039 ISBN-13 :978-1419550034 | Version: 8
More than 75% of all new content, including new issues, strategies, test conversion and practice tests in August 2011, in order to help you score high GRE quantitative section of the exam – Guaranteed!
New test conversion in August 2011!

Kaplan New GRE Math Workbook comprehensively expounded test changes in the math section of the GRE GRE General Test. Fully revised and updated, Kaplan New GRE math workbook contains 75% new content, 50% of the new practice, the new strategy of the new type and brand. This powerful combination makes the Kaplan New GRE Math Workbook, to prepare for the math section of the GRE GRE General Test is a very effective way.

Kaplan New GRE Math Workbook includes:

New quantitative section outlines
In-depth review of the basic mathematical concepts
Practical issues detailed answers to explain
Kaplan’s exclusive strategies and techniques
Kaplan is committed to helping our students score higher. We ensure that students improve their grades or get their money back.

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