Organic Chemistry, Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual: David R. Klein: 9780471757399

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Publication Date: February 2, 2011 ISBN-10: 047175739X ISBN-13 :978-0471757399 Edition: 1
Students often say, “I studied 40 hours, the exam, I still did not do a good job. Where did I go wrong?” Most teachers each year to hear the complaints in this regard. In many cases, it is true that the student invested countless hours, only to produce bad results. Under normal circumstances, inefficient study habits to blame. The important question is: Why do so many students prepare organic chemistry exam? Of course, there are several factors at play, but may be a basic disconnect between the students learn and the tasks expected of them the most important reason. In order to solve the disconnect, David Klein in organic chemistry teaching textbooks, using skill-based method to indicate. Textbooks usually covered in organic chemistry textbook, but special emphasis on the development of skills, and to support these concepts, including all concepts. This emphasis on skills development, to provide students with a greater opportunity to develop the capacity of key skills necessary to succeed in organic chemistry.
As an example, resonance structures reused throughout the process, the students must be masters of the early course of the resonant structure. Therefore, a significant portion of Chapter 1 is dedicated drawing resonance structures.

Two chapters (6 and 12), is almost entirely dedicated to the development of the technology. Chapter 6 emphasizes skills used to draw the mechanism is necessary, Chapter 12 is ready to propose synthetic students.

In addition, each chapter contains numerous Skillbuilders, aimed at promoting a specific skills. For each skillbuildercontains three parts:
1. Learning skills: to solve problems, to demonstrate a particular skill;

2. Practical skills: many of the problems (similar to solve the problem), so that students have the opportunity to practice and master the skills;

3. Application skills: one or two more challenging problem, students must be in a slightly different environment to apply these techniques. These issues include, encourage students to think out of the box concept, cumulative, and applied problems. Sometimes the problem, indicates that the concepts introduced in later chapters are also included.

All SkillBuilders visual summary at the end of each chapter (Skillbuilder review), followed by a list of recommendations chapter, each chapter exercises.

David Klein at Johns Hopkins University, where he teaches organic and conventional chemical lecturer. He is an energetic and creative teachers, and the use of metaphor, to help students master difficult topics. Klein’s unique informal voice and manner of presentation help students truly master this course a key theme. He is also the author of Organic Chemistry as a Second Language and General Chemistry as a second language, it is very successful.

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