Pathways to Astronomy: Stephen Schneider, Thomas Arny: 9780073512136

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Publication Date: February 15, 2011 ISBN-10: 0073512133 ISBN-13 :978-0073512136 Edition: 3
Astronomy road to breaking the introductory astronomy part. The huge and fascinating field of astronomy is divided into 86 units. These units are intertwined, natural people who want to read the text like a book, but it can also be assigned to them in a different order, or completely skip certain units. Professor custom units to meet their course needs. , And assigned it easier for self-study units, explore in the classroom, they can select individual units, all units in a comprehensive and in-depth coverage of a content-rich curriculum. With the short length of the unit, students can easily digest must be covering the material in a single unit, and then move to the next unit.