Petroleum Refining: Technology and Economics, Fifth Edition (0000849370388): James H. Gary, Glenn E. Handwerk, Mark J. Kaiser

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Publication Date: March 5, 2007 ISBN-10: 0849370388 ISBN-13 :978-0,849,370,380 | Version: 5
Petroleum refinery must face billions of dollars in investment in equipment, to meet the requirements of a changing environment. Need several years of lead time due to the design and construction of the new processing unit, refining equipment may no longer meet certain conditions, the units to stream unwilling to take on those dollars.
Academic and professional experience in refinery operation, design and assessment experts to write, petroleum refining technology and economy, the fifth edition of a major textbook, students and engineers an important resource. This latest version of the best-selling text provides the latest data and address changes, refinery feedstock, product distribution, processing requirements, from federal and state legislation.

The integrated fuel refinery today to provide a detailed description, the book discusses the major refining process, because they relate to the theme, such as the preparation of raw materials, operating costs, catalysts, yields, product performance and economy. It also includes the study of the problem and what is happening in the final chapter.